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Dreamy Detangling Kit

Detangling and styling in a pastel dream. This dreamy, limited edition WetBrush Pro Pastel Jewel Detangling Kit includes the Pro Detangler, Flex Dry and two Fabric-Wrapped Coils. Pro Detangler?s exclusive, ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles glide through tangles on all hair types, while heat resistant, snag-free Flex Dry?s vented design speeds up blow-drying time. Fabric-Wrapped Coils create fun and comfortable hairstyles with less pain, effort, and breakage. Detangling and styling are an effortless breeze with this pastel jewel of a kit.


  • Pro Detangler: Brushes with less effort, pain and breakage
  • Flex Dry: Snag-free styling which is faster
  • 2 x Fabric-Wrapped Coils: All day hold IntelliCoils which won?t stretch out after use
  • *Do not use Pro Detangler with a hair dryer, as heat may damage the bristles. Use the WetBrush Pro Flex Dry instead.
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