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After shampooing, applying a Hair conditioner is ideal for optimal hair moisturization. We all want a conditioner that nourishes our hair without making it greasy. It is what this conditioner from Wella does the best. It takes care of dull hair, maintains the hair's health, and tackles frizz.

Wella's smoothen range has products that are best for dry hair. We understand that managing frizzy hair is difficult in reality. The ingredients in it make the hair manageable and easy to comb. It is best for lifeless hair because it makes the hair vibrant again. Smoothen range products have Avocado oil in them that does a lot. All in all, the nourishing oil holds moisture and protects hair from damage.


1. Conditions the hair and prevents the frizz, making the hair soft
2. Holds moisture, making the hair easily manageable
3. Has Avocado Oil

The directions of use:

1. Apply a pea-sized amount on wet hair and massage for some minutes
2. Rinse it off

Wella products have been in use for a significantly long time, and their level of innovation is remarkable. The experts are the best at developing the best products without compromising on the quality. Now, experience luxurious haircare from the comfort of your homes with Wella. The smoothen conditioner has a lightweight formula that nourishes the hair without making them heavy and greasy. If you are confused between conditioners for your dull and frizzy hair, give this product a try, and you will get some great results.

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