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With ZERO lift and ZERO damage, SHINEFINITY can help you achieve a colour glaze that lasts for a long time and remains true to tone even on porous hair. The demi-permanent formula, which uses the unique Balanced pH technology, smoothes the cuticles to give the hair a silky feel and a healthy-looking shine. Instantly tone and refresh your colour with zero lift and damage.

 How to Use: Wear suitable gloves. Mix your chosen Shinefinity Glaze Tint and Shinefinity Activator at a 1:1 ratio. ***Colour must be mixed with an activator*** The mixture can be applied using applicator bottle or bowl & brush. Apply to clean, towel-dried hair evenly from roots to ends. 

Tips: For even more intensity, you can also apply the mixture directly to dry hair. Development time: Without heat: up to 20 minutes. For more intense results, use added heat: 15 minutes. Can be used on lengths and ends when using Koleston Perfect or Illumina Colour on the roots if desired.

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