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Introducing Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Flatliner Heat Protection Spray 200ml – your go-to styling product for robust control and effective heat protection. This spray is designed for individuals seeking strong control over their hairstyles while safeguarding their locks from heat damage.

Key Features:

  1. Strong Control: Achieve the desired style with a strong hold that keeps your hair in place all day long.

  2. Heat Protection: Formulated to shield hair from temperatures up to 450°F/230°C, reducing breakage and preserving hair health.

  3. Reduced Breakage: Experience minimized breakage, ensuring your hair looks and feels healthy even with regular styling.

Perfect for:

  • Individuals desiring strong control in their hairstyles.
  • Those looking to protect their hair from heat damage, especially when using styling tools like flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers.
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