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Introducing Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Expert Mousse 5-88 100ml ? your solution for luminous color and ultimate hair care.

This semi-permanent conditioning color mousse offers incredible benefits for vibrant color and nourishment. With emulsion-to-foam technology, achieving your desired color is effortless, while ensuring perfect conditioning and gloss. With up to 20% white blending, you can enjoy seamless coverage for a natural look.

Key Benefits:

  1. Semi-Permanent Conditioning Color: Provides vibrant color while conditioning the hair.

  2. Brilliant Shine: Adds brilliant shine for a stunning finish.

  3. Lasts Up to 8 Washes: Enjoy long-lasting color that remains vibrant for up to 8 washes.

  4. Ammonia-Free: Gentle formula is free from ammonia, ensuring a gentle and comfortable coloring experience.

Perfect for:

  • Those seeking vibrant, semi-permanent color with added conditioning benefits.
  • Individuals looking to enhance their natural hair color with a touch of brilliance.
  • Anyone who wants to experiment with color without long-term commitment.
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