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Applicable skin type Whitening for Normal and Ageing skin, All skin types

Whitening Vitamin C is a well-known nutrient to which suppresses the melanin generating enzyme. However, Vitamin C can be easily oxidized by pH and temperature variations. This Vitamin C modeling mask is designed and manufactured to preserve vitamin C for a long period within the packaging. Repeated application of this Vitamin C mask would improve the tone of skin, increase radiance, revitalise and whiten the skin. This would also protect the skin from free radicals caused by sun exposure, therefore, reducing the pre-mature ageing effects of the sun damage.


Caution: If irritation of inflammation occurs, discontinue the product. Do not use near eyes. Store in a cool place and avoid direct sun light. Keep out of reach of children

REBORN - Modeling Mask - Available in :

- Charcoal

- Gold

- Cooling

- Vitamin-C

- Collagen

How to use:

1. After a deep facial cleansing, apply essence cream or ampule fluid on the face.

2. Mix 30g of the powder with 80ml of cold water.

3. Plaster evenly on face neck. Do not apply on eyes, eyeborws or mouth.

4. Leave it for 15-20 minutes.

5. Peel the hardned mask from the face upward from the chin.

6. Clean with a wet towel and apply ampule and lotion.

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