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The Punky Streakin Temporary Brush On colour is a vibrant and dazzling hair colouring product that comes with a subtle shimmer. It offers a safe and enjoyable way to add colour to your hair without any long-term commitment. This product is suitable for all types of hair, whether it's natural, coloured, highlighted, or even bleached. Its hassle-free application ensures a no-mess experience, and it dries quickly to provide a flexible hold. With this temporary hair colour, you can experiment with different colours without the fear of a permanent outcome. 

To use it, remove the cap and gently squeeze the tube to release the colour into the brush head. Apply a thin, even coat by brushing the colour onto the hair, spreading it evenly. It dries within 15 minutes, and for a more intense colour, you can reapply after it has dried. Remember to wash your hands after applying.

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