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NAK Curls Creme is a must-have for anyone wanting to keep their curls looking sharp and healthy.

NAK has formulated this unique styling creme specifically for curly hair, with the aim of bringing out their natural shape and movement. Enriched with NAK?s own Vegan Complex blend, this Creme helps to lock in moisture and control frizz while giving hair an added luster without compromising firmness or curl definition.

NAK Curls Creme goes beyond simply providing a great glossy look ? it also protects against humidity and other environmental factors to ensure your curls look fresh throughout the day. Whether you have fine, loose curls or more defined spirals, NAK Curls Creme is designed to bring out your best look while keeping your hair healthy and nourished.

With NAK Curls Creme you can be sure that any style you create will remain intact without sacrificing shine!

Recommended for all hair types.

- Control curls
- Add moisture
- Humidity resistant
- Add shine
- Eliminate frizz

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