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NAK Blonde Conditioner is the perfect product for anyone with natural blonde, pre-lightened blonde or grey hair.

It's enriched with NAK's vegan complex of Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Hydrolysed Rice Protein and Pear Extract to help detangle, smooth, and soften hair.

NAK Blonde Conditioner will restore your hair to optimum condition whilst minimising cuticle damage - an important feature for blondes as they are more prone to split ends. Added proteins and sunscreens give strength and protection without adding weight to the hair, while hydrating and balancing all types of hair conditions at the same time.

After using NAK Blonde Conditioner you'll notice your blonde strands will be softer and smoother with improved manageability making it easier than ever to style your hair! And NAK's award-winning salon professional formula won't let you down; giving you professional quality results tailor made for brightening up your gorgeous locks!

Try it today and get ready for a glamorous new look!

Recommended for natural blonde, pre-lightened blonde or grey hair.

- Added proteins and sunscreens provide strength and protection
- Hydrates the hair moisturising and conditioning
- Balances all types of hair conditions
- Softens and smoothes the hairs surface layer
- Improves manageability

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