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Metal within hair poses a risk of breakage and can compromise color outcomes from dyeing, balayage, and lightening treatments. The amount of metal in hair varies due to porosity and local water quality. L'Or?al Professionnel's Metal Detox Anti-Deposit Protector Mask shields your hair from new particle deposits after any coloring service. It sustains vibrant color and intensifies shine, leaving hair instantly smoother, softer, and more nourished.

The Science Behind It: Our internationally patented formula boasts Glicoamine, a molecule capable of penetrating and neutralizing metal within the hair fiber.

For Best Results: Use this mask following your Metal Detox in-salon service to prevent new metal deposits.

Our Commitment to Sustainability: L'Or?al Professionnel prioritizes sustainability by emphasizing 100% recycled plastics for Serie Expert bottles, reducing the reliance on virgin plastics. Additionally, our Serie Expert collection is produced in a carbon-neutral facility since 2015, featuring a water recycling system that has slashed water usage by 47% since 2005.

Key Features:

  • Hair detox post-coloring, balayage, or lightening.
  • Neutralizes metal particles within the hair fiber.
  • Preserves color vibrancy and amplifies shine.
  • Nourishes for immediately smoother and softer hair.
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