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The Metal Detox Anti Deposit Protector Mask is an essential product for safeguarding your hair from particle deposits that may occur after any color, balayage, or lightening service. This rich and creamy mask acts as a shield, preventing new metal particles from re-entering the hair.

The mask features a patented technology enriched with Glicoamine, a unique molecule that possesses the ability to penetrate the hair fiber and neutralize metals present inside. By doing so, it reduces the hair's porosity, ensuring it becomes less susceptible to future deposits. Additionally, the mask provides intense nourishment, leaving the hair incredibly shiny and revitalized.

To use this product effectively, start by washing your hair as usual. Afterward, gently squeeze out any excess water from your hair. Then, apply the mask from the roots to the tips, ensuring complete coverage. Allow the mask to sit for a few minutes, allowing the beneficial ingredients to work their magic. Finally, rinse the mask thoroughly from your hair.

By following these simple directions, you can effectively protect your hair from unwanted metal particle deposits, while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of deeply nourished and visibly lustrous hair.

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