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The K18 Next Level Repair Trio Pack comprises:

  1. PEPTIDE PREP? detox shampoo
  2. Leave-in molecular repair hair mask
  3. Molecular repair hair oil

PEPTIDE PREP? detox shampoo is a color-safe, pH-optimized lather designed to unclog hair follicles and eliminate dirt, oils, as well as common metals such as nickel, cadmium, lead, zinc, and iron from both hard and tap water. It effectively removes residues left behind by heavy product buildup without causing any damage. Its intentional formulation, devoid of fillers or deposits, ensures the purest canvas for optimal results when using the K18 molecular repair leave-in treatment.

The leave-in molecular repair hair mask is a four-minute treatment suitable for all hair types. It serves as a valuable tool between appointments, preserving hair strength and elasticity. Powered by patented K18PEPTIDE? technology, this mask works to reverse damage caused by bleach, color treatments, chemical services, and heat, ultimately restoring strength, softness, smoothness, and bounce to the hair.

Completing the trio is the molecular repair hair oil, a biotech-engineered, weightless solution effective on all hair types. This oil not only strengthens and repairs damage but also reduces frizz at two levels of the hair fiber while enhancing shine. The K18PEPTIDE? in the formula addresses frizz-inducing damage at the molecular level, while natural oils penetrate past the cuticle layer to minimize frizz and flyaways, contributing to improved shine and color vibrancy without compromising the hair's volume.

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