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Scented with the captivating fragrance of Frankincense 

• Thin, spreadable, creamy wax leaves no sticky residue 

• Effectively removes stubborn hair while remaining gentle on the skin 

• Recommended for reactive, sensitive skin and intimate waxing 

• Made with Synthetic Wax

The Common Pink Heath holds the esteemed title of being Victoria's floral emblem, marking it as the first officially recognized floral emblem in Australia. These enchanting flowers thrive in the semi-shaded west foothills and coastal heathlands of southern Victoria, including renowned locations such as the Grampians and the Little Desert National Parks. The winter bloom of the Pink Heath brings a delightful burst of color to the bushland of southern Victoria, captivating all who witness it.

Jax Wax Australia's Victorian Heath Wax has been meticulously formulated to be applied at a lower working temperature, allowing for effortless waxing sessions. Its smooth consistency ensures excellent workability. The succulent berries and bountiful nectar of the Pink Heath were enjoyed by the Indigenous Australians and early settlers alike. Additionally, the nectar attracts Honeyeater birds, particularly the eastern spinebill, facilitating the vital process of pollination. Jax Wax Australia's Victorian Heath Wax contains titanium dioxide, which aids in soothing redness, making it an ideal wax for students and therapists alike, catering to a wide range of needs.

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