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This exclusive brow hot wax has been meticulously created in response to numerous requests from our esteemed brow artists.

The goal in developing this eyebrow-specific hot wax was to design a product that combines ease of application, enhanced visibility for precise brow shaping, and minimal discomfort during hair removal.

Infused with a delicate hint of Jasmine fragrance, this wax adds a touch of enchantment to your Brow Bar experience. It effortlessly simplifies brow and facial waxing, elevating your brow game to new heights.

Crafted with top-tier synthetic resins, this hot wax seamlessly complements our beloved Browsie strip wax, ensuring a cohesive and effective waxing system.

While our initial focus was on creating a hot wax tailored specifically for brows, many therapists will also discover its exceptional suitability for facial waxing applications.

Packaged in a convenient 500g zip-lock bag, Browsie hot wax offers easy resealability, eliminating the need for hammers or excessive effort. Simply pour the desired amount into your wax pot and proceed with your waxing services smoothly.

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