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Featuring the delightful scent of Magnolia and Honeysuckle 

 Made with Synthetic Wax

Wattles, also known as acacias, hold a special place in the heart of the Australian landscape. They are not only Australia's official floral emblem but also prominently featured on the Australian Commonwealth Coat of Arms. These remarkable trees thrive in diverse environments across the country, displaying their resilience in hot and arid climates. Jax Wax Australia's Australian Wattle Wax has been carefully crafted to cater to a wide range of climates, from tropical regions to Polar Regions. Moreover, it suits various skin types, including the delicate skin of individuals going through menopause.

Indigenous Australians have long recognized the versatility of wattles, utilizing them for numerous purposes, including sustenance, medicinal applications, tools, weapons, and even musical instruments. Jax Wax Australia's Australian Wattle Wax embodies this rich heritage, making it suitable for a wide array of waxing services. From gentle facial waxing to the most robust Brazilian waxing, it delivers outstanding results.

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