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De Lorenzo Novasemi is part of the De Lorenzo Novasemi professional color creams, offering a range of eight colors and a clear option. Made in Australia to withstand its extreme climate, this semi-permanent hair colorant is formulated with natural botanical extracts.

Key features of De Lorenzo Novasemi:

  1. Natural Ingredients: Made from ingredients of Native Australian origin like Finger Lime Caviar and Tasmanian Blue Gum.

  2. Ammonia-Free: This formulation is ammonia-free and doesn't require hydrogen peroxide within the color service, making it gentle for your hair.

  3. Concentrated Pigments: Contains extremely concentrated pigments for vivid and long-lasting color.

  4. Novabond Technology: Utilizes Novabond Technology to deposit color directly, enhancing shine, strength, and protection for your hair.

  5. Versatile Mixing: Can be mixed with other colors to create bold, vivid results or diluted with Crystal clear to achieve pastel shades.

  6. Professional Use: Designed for professional use only.

With its commitment to using natural ingredients and innovative technology, De Lorenzo Novasemi offers a safe and effective solution for achieving beautiful hair color while minimizing damage and irritation.

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