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Brushworx Rio Green Hot Tube Extra Large 43mm: 

Achieve a Faster, Glossier Result

Experience a sleek and radiant finish in record time with the Brushworx Rio Ceramic Hot Tube Brushes. These innovative brushes combine the gentle grip of nylon and boar bristles to effortlessly style your hair while imparting a stunning shine.

Engineered to expedite drying time, the perforated barrel allows the hot air from your hair dryer to circulate, ensuring a swift process. Say goodbye to frizz as the ceramic barrel combats it, leaving you with a smoother and shinier look.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ceramic barrel designed specifically for long hair, enabling faster styling
  • Ideal for achieving a smooth, voluminous, and dynamic look on all hair types
  • Even heat distribution throughout the ceramic barrel, preventing damaging hot spots
  • Consistent performance in drying and curling for reliable results
  • Lightweight construction with a comfortable foam handle for effortless handling
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