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Product Description: Discover the rejuvenating care of 360 Be Cool Conditioner, a 300ml delight offering refreshing nourishment for your hair. Introducing the exceptional 360 Be Cool Toning conditioner, meticulously crafted for brown, highlighted, and grey hair. Imbued with the potent essence of Charcoal powder, it adeptly counteracts unwanted brassy and orange undertones, granting your hair a cool, resplendent allure. Enriched further with the antioxidant abundance of Moringa Oil, this formulation elevates luminosity, bestowing a remarkable shine upon your tresses. Bid farewell to brassiness and embrace the elegance of exquisitely toned and radiant hair, courtesy of this remarkable Toning Conditioner.

Notable Attributes: Cooling Revival: Immerse yourself in the invigorating embrace of 360 Be Cool Conditioner, as it imparts a revitalizing, cooling sensation, enlivening your scalp. Revitalizing Elixir: The distinctive blend within the formula facilitates a rejuvenating journey, infusing your hair with renewed vitality and a lively demeanor. Nourishing Embrace: Witness the transformative power of 360 Be Cool Conditioner as it nourishes and enlivens your hair, fostering a captivating display of health and vibrancy.

Key Ingredients at a Glance: Moringa Oil: A source of profound moisture and nourishment, Moringa Oil cascades its refreshing and invigorating influence upon both scalp and hair. Charcoal Powder: Delve into the deep purifying embrace of Charcoal Powder, as it diligently cleanses your scalp and liberates your locks from burdensome impurities.

Directions for Usage: Begin with thoroughly wet hair. Apply a generous portion of the enriching 360 Be Cool Conditioner, focusing on the ends and the entirety of your hair. Lovingly massage the conditioner into your scalp, employing the gentle touch of your fingertips to create a luxuriant lather. Rinse your hair diligently with water. For the epitome of results, inaugurate your regimen with the exquisite 360 Be Cool Shampoo.

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